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Products You are here: Homepage >> Products >> V Notch Ball Valve&V-port Ball Valve >> V notch pneumatic ball valve   
  Name: V-notch Pneumatic ball valve&V-port Pneumatic ball valve
  Product Explanation:
V-notch Pneumatic ball valve/V Port Pneumatic Ball Valve 
Vee ball valve 
   V port ball valve is quarter turn valve ,primarily intended as a  control valve, but it can also used for shut off service .V segment ball valves is in V-notch design with strong cutting force and self-cleaning ,especially suitable for control of medium containing fiber and tiny solids ,therefore ,it is widely used in the Auto-control systems in industries such as pulp and paper, chemical industry , petroleum , chemical fiber ,power ,metallurgy, pharmacy, environmental protection.
1.Single-piece valve body
    V port ball valve have single-piece bodies ,which prevents leaks caused by separate flanges.
   V-ball adapt the upper and lower stem to fixed by bearings. Bearings are by composite material, it have good lubricating, strong abrasion performance, high mechanical stability ,small torque for opening ,to ensure the valve with excellent sensitivity and sensor speed.
3. Movable seat
   V-ball valve adapt the belleville washer or  column spring loaded movable seat structure, , the seat can make the best contact with the disc by the springs’return force, and has good sealing performance .PTFE seat and metal seat are available for different application requirements.
4. V segment ball
    Specially designed V-segment ball provides equal percentage flow characteristic with high precision control performance as well as strong cutting force and self-cleaning function.
5.Spline connection between shaft and ball(for 10" and above)
    Ball and shaft are connected by spline .It provides a seamless match ball with shaft is prevented with enhanced control precision.
6.low capacity
    For super-low flow applications, low capacity valve are available with DN25 for precise control .
7.ISO5211 direct mounting pad
   V port ball valve built with ISO5211 direct mounting pad .It conveniently connect with various kinds of drive ,such as the handle , worm gear ,pneumatic actuators ,electric actuators ,hydraulic actuators etc.
8.Full Silica sol Investment Casting body
The V-port ball valves' body are Full Silica sol Investment Casting,so it have very smooth surface ,it also more beatiful.
9.End type : Flanged end and wafer end
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