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  Name: Manual Override
  Product Explanation:
1.Main uses
    The reducer is coordinated with the pneumatic device, used for manual and pneumatic driving of the 90 span butterfly valves, ball valves and plug valves.
1) It is small and light, with reasonable design and creative model;
2) The series of pneumatic output torque devices are coordinated with various valves;
3) There are two key grooves 90 away at the inner connecting hole of the worm wheel, which can facilitate the user to select the relative position of the device on the valve body;
4) Raise the spacer pin and rotate the eccentric device for 180 , the spacer pin will automatically stop the device to achieve pneumatic transmission; otherwise, it will achieve manual transmission;
5) When delivered out of the factory, it filled with special lubricating grease. After coupled with the valve, it integral sealed, dust-proof and water-proof, with the protection rating of IP65.
2.Instructions for Use
   The bottom of the reducer is connected with the valve, with the bracket surface connected with the cylinder, shaft coordinated with the inner hole of the worm wheel and the terminal square of the shaft coordinated with the square hole of the cylinder (working process: in the pneumatic state, the cylinder drives the shaft and the worm wheel rotating with it simultaneously; in the manual state, the worm wheel is geared with another one and drives the shaft and cylinder piston rotating with it simultaneously.)
   When rotating the handle (outward by 180 )for folding the worm stem, it may be jammed; at this time, you need to rotate the handle for an angle. The pneumatic and manual transmission can  be resorted at the same time.
3.Technical specification
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