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Our product series
  »  RT series pneuamtic actuator
  »  AW series pneumatic actutaor
  »  HQ series electric actuator
  »  QT series electric actuator
  »  Manual operated SS ball valve
  »  Air actuated SS ball valve
  »  Motor actuated SS ball valve
  »  ANSI series flanged ball valve
  »  DIN seires flanged ball valve
  »  2pcs threaded ball valve
  »  3pcs threaded ball valve
  »  2pcs threaded end ball valve
  »  2000psi threaded ball valve
  »  Butt welded ball valve
  »  Socket welded ball valve
  »  V notch pneumatic ball valve
  »  V notch ball valve
  »  V-Port ball valve
  »  V control ball valve
  »  Hoop end ball valve
  »  Air actuated ball valve
  »  Trunnion mounted flanged ball valve
  »  Trunnion mounted ball valve
  »  Floating forged ball valve
  »  Trunnion mounted forged ball valve
  »  Wafer ball valve
  »  Wafer pneumatic ball valve
  »  3 Way flanged ball valve
  »  3 Way threaded ball valve
  »  3 way flanged end ball valve
  »  Pneumatic threaded ball valve
  »  Pneumatic screw ball valve
  »  Pneumatic flanged ball valve
  »  3 Way pneumatic ball valve
  »  Electric flanged ball valve
  »  Electric thread ball valve
  »  Full welded ball valve
  »  Top entry ball valve
  »  Hydraulic actuator
  »  Heavy hammer type hydraulic control valve
  »  Hydraulic control quick-closing valve
  »  Accumulator type hydraulic control valve
  »  limit switch
  »  Air filter regulator
  »  Solenoid valve
  »  Manual override
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Kaixite Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for Ball Valve and valve actuators,located in the “China hometown of valves&pumps"-Oubei ,Wenzhou. We specialized in  ball valve with ISO5211 direct mounting pad and various kinds of actuators,including electric actuators ,pneumatic actuators ,hydraulic actuators ,which can meet with various automation flow controls.
     In accordance with the ANSI, DIN, JIS standards,Our ball valves are widely used in Petrochemicals, Chemical, LNG&Cryogenics, Pulp&paper, Water and Wastewater, Mining,Refining, Marine ,Electric power  etc fields,successfully for flow controls .Our products had exported to Europe ,America ,Middle east ,Southeast Asia etc .
    KCT valve has a lot of advanced  machining center ,NC lathes ,valve test center, and computer control center with auto CAD/CQM software can effectively ensure our successful development, design, production, and quality control .
    According to the different working conditions ,we effectively meet customer's requirements with top quality goods and service . We consider it is our company'life to give every customer fully satisfaction and the remarkable quality and service are the KCT person's forever pursue.
     Welcome   friends to contact us from all over the world to establish business with us.

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