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We will attend the TUBOTECH 2013, 1th-3th.Oct, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Welcome to KCT Valves
About KCT

Kaixite Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for Ball Valve and valve actuators,located in the "China hometown of valves&pumps"-Oubei, Wenzhou. We specialized in ball valve with ISO5211 direct mounting pad and various kinds of actuators...Details >>

Contact Us
      Add: No.82.Industrial Center Road,Sanqiao Industrial Park,...
      Tel: +86-(0)577-67981503
      Fax: +86-(0)577-67310729
      E-mail: sales@fbyvalve.com  
      Skype: kaixite
      Website: http://www.china-ballvalve.cn
  Our Product Series
Pneumatic Actuator
 RT series pneuamtic actuator  AW series pneumatic actutaor
Electric Actuator
 HQ series electric actuator  QT series electric actuator
Stainless Steel Ball Valve
 Manual operated SS ball valve  Air actuated SS ball valve
 Motor actuated SS ball valve
Flanged Ball Valve
 ANSI series flanged ball valve  DIN seires flanged ball valve
Threaded Ball Valve
 2pcs threaded ball valve  3pcs threaded ball valve
 2pcs threaded end ball valve  2000psi threaded ball valve
Welded Ball Valve
 Butt welded ball valve  Socket welded ball valve
V Notch Ball Valve&V-port Ball Valve
 V notch pneumatic ball valve  V notch ball valve
 V-Port ball valve  V control ball valve
Hoop End Ball Valve
 Hoop end ball valve  Air actuated ball valve
Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
 Trunnion mounted flanged ball valve  Trunnion mounted ball valve
Forged Ball Valve
 Floating forged ball valve  Trunnion mounted forged ball valve
Wafer Ball Valve
 Wafer ball valve  Wafer pneumatic ball valve
3 Way Ball Valve
 3 Way flanged ball valve  3 Way threaded ball valve
 3 way flanged end ball valve
Pneumatic Ball Valve
 Pneumatic threaded ball valve  Pneumatic screw ball valve
 Pneumatic flanged ball valve  3 Way pneumatic ball valve
Electric Ball Valve
 Electric flanged ball valve  Electric thread ball valve
Full Welded Ball Valve&Top Entry Ball Va..
 Full welded ball valve  Top entry ball valve
Hydraulic Control Equipment
 Hydraulic actuator  Heavy hammer type hydraulic control valve
 Hydraulic control quick-closing valve  Accumulator type hydraulic control valve
Accessories Of Pneumatic Actuator
 limit switch  Air filter regulator
 Solenoid valve  Manual override
3pcs Thread ball val
Threaded Ball Valve
ANSI Seires Flanged
Flanged Ball Valve
Pneumatic Thread Bal
Pneumatic Ball Valve
Electric Flanged Bal
Electric Ball Valve
Pneumatic Screw Ball
Pneumatic Ball Valve
Pneumatic Flanged Ba
Pneumatic Ball Valve
Wafer Pneumatic Ball
Wafer Ball Valve
V-notch Pneumatic ba
V Notch Ball Valve&V
Our Products
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